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Policies and Procedures

BHC Disciplinary Process

BHC Development Selection Policy

BHC Club Selection Policy

BHC Photography Policy

BHC Social Media Policy

BHC Guide for Parents

BHC Child Protection Policy

BHC Junior Transportation Policy

BHC Showering and Changing Policy

BHC Event of Emergency Policy

BHC Junior Selection Policy

BHC Articles of Association

BHC Bye Laws

BHC Head Injury Policy

BHC Accident Report Form

BHC Injury Reporting Policy

BHC Code of Conduct

EH Safeguarding And Protecting Young People In Hockey Policy

EH Good Practice When Working With Young People

EH Anti Bullying Guidance

EH Young People Playing In Senior Teams Guidance

EH Social Media Best Practice

EH WhatsApp Best Practice

    BHC Bye Laws

BHC Code of Conduct

BHC Code of Conduct

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