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Every year all those that play or are coached by Basingstoke Hockey Club are required to register/re-register their membership.


This forms part of our commitment to ensure that we have the very latest contact details and medical records for those that are in our care. Additionally, each year all members pay a subscription to support the club – which is run as a non-profit organisation overseen by England Hockey’s ClubMark accreditation.

Club membership is administered through Spond, an online app which handles all player and match information and allows members to sign up to the club and pay online. This enables the club to be effective in its member administration, as well as tracking player availability and team selection. 

Membership fees:

Adults - £240
U18s/Student/Unemployed - £160
Juniors - £140
Goalkeepers/Social Members/Coaches/Committee - £60

Match Fees:

Match fees for Senior League & Cup matches:
Adults - £12.50

Juniors - £10.50

Match fees (payable on the day of the match) will be collected online for all players. Teas are available for home games.

Match fees for Junior matches:
There are no match fees for Junior (U8-U16) matches. 

*A social member can play a maximum of 4 games in a season. If the social members exceeds this, they will be required to pay a full membership fee.

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