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Lets get you all the information you need to become a member at Basingstoke Hockey Club.

In the adult section, with our men's 1st XI playing in the South Prem League and women's 1st XI playing in the National Conference West League at one end and Back To Hockey at the other, we offer hockey for all abilities and for beginners. We have 6 women's teams and 7 regular men's teams.

In the junior section, we have over 300 players, starting at just 5 years old though to Under 16. We also encourage any over the age of 13yr to play in our Saturday Senior leagues through our player pathway within teams built to support and encourage their development and love for the sport. Juniors either play matches/competitions or train on Saturdays and Sundays, and some train on week nights.

If you would like to join the adult section please email either the ladies section captain or the men's section captain, please introduce yourself and let us know what level you (would like to) play at. 

If you are under 18 or your child would like to join, please email

Let us know the school year/ DOB of the child and ask us any questions you might have,. We will be able to send you all the information we have for joining the juniors section and also make sure you have all the info about training times and kit.

We look forward to seeing you on a pitch in Red soon! 

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